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How to Start a Blog That Makes Money Online

If you have recently heard about how to start a blog for money then you may want to read this article. This article will discuss the different types of blogs that you can start to make an income online. You may also want to learn how to make money through blogs through affiliate programs or network marketing. After reading this article, you should be familiar with how to start a blog for money.

How to Start a Blog

Things to Know About How To Start A Blog

One type of blog that can be used for money-making is called a marketing blog. Marketing blogs are typically written about products and services and a blogger can use their knowledge of the industry to write about them. A marketing blog can monetize its readership by allowing advertisers to place their ads on the blog. If you want to monetize your readership then you should find similar readers that are interested in the same things as you. For example, bloggers writing about cooking can combine the love of cooking with the knowledge of cooking through a resource box that has advertising on it. That is the first thing you can do while learning how to start a blog. Other types of bloggers can create DIY blog sites. I came to know about it through how to start a blog link. Check it out if you want to know more.

DIY bloggers usually focus on how to do something rather than the benefits of doing it and may post DIY articles that are for sale. Other types of bloggers may create beauty product reviews and sell affiliate links in their reviews. If you have a website that sells beauty products and would like to generate more traffic to your site you can use the DIY, beauty products reviews, and sell affiliate links in your reviews. 

There is another way to make money blogging besides selling affiliate products and ad space. You can also earn money through your blog niche. Niche blogging gets its name from the term of a specific segment of a market. A market segment is defined as any type of micro-niche. For example, the health and fitness blog niche is micro-niche in regards to a group of people interested in health and fitness. You can then try and target this small segment of a larger market segment to try and make money. That is another way on how to start a blog.

Notes About How to Start a blog

Many lifestyle bloggers also sell advertising space or even get paid to advertise on their blogs. This type of blogging makes more sense if your readership is concentrated on a small percentage of the overall population. It may take a while to build up a readership. That is another way on how to start a blog. However, it can be worth the effort since your readers have the potential to generate income for themselves. Lifestyle bloggers can earn money through pay-per-click advertising, Google Adsense, affiliate advertising, and even from selling products related to their readers' interests.

Another way on how to start a blog for monetization is through sponsored posts. There are companies that pay top dollar to write one or more articles about their product or service in exchange for a link to their website. The challenge with sponsored posts is finding a tight niche market since most companies only promote their brand or service to audiences that have similar buying habits.


One final way on how to start a blog for monetization is through a plugin. A popular plugin is called Jigoshop. It allows users to easily create graphics from within WordPress. The plugin is useful for bloggers who want to offer visual aids or add images around their blog content. If you don't want to make money online using a blog, you should definitely try Jigoshop because it's easy and it won't cost you anything. Hope this article helped!